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Analog Computing Videos

I have done quite a bit of recreational writing on the history of military technology, mainly on the Wikipedia (e.g. Torpedo Data Computer). I am particularly interested in the problems associated with fire control calculations. I remember as a boy … Continue reading

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Circuit Design Review: Optocoupler-Based Power Measurement Circuit

I just got back home after attending the Optical Fiber Communications conference in Los Angeles. This is my favorite trade show and I learned quite a bit. The flight home from Los Angeles to Minneapolis (I live near Minneapolis) takes over 3 hours, so I had time to relax on the flight and do a little bit of circuit analysis -- yes, that is my idea of relaxation. Continue reading

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Organizing Mathematics

I'll kiss him on both cheeks - or all four if you'd prefer it. — Winston Churchill about Charles de Gaulle I am not a very organized person -- if you could see my desk you would agree. However, I … Continue reading

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Geometry and Woodworking

A coworker sent the following link to me about an expanding table this morning. It is amazing. Very clever and beautiful use of geometry. The tables cost between $50K and $95K, depending on size. I guess I won't be buying … Continue reading

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Market Analysis Math

Introduction One of the roles that an engineering manager has to occasionally play is advocate for a product that you believe in. Every successful product that I can think of began with some individual who was an internal advocate, a … Continue reading

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