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Lightning Protection Math

Quote of the Day In the eyes of those for whom you care, beware of valuing good things they might be but aren't, more than those good things that they are already. - A. Orcim Namuh (1997) Introduction I get … Continue reading

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Mothers and Sons

I had to laugh yesterday. We live next to a mom with two boys -- a 4-year old and a newborn. As I went out for my nightly walk, this rather haggard-looking mom told me that her 4-year boy is defiant and difficult to handle. She knows that my wife and I raised two sons, so she asked me if it gets any easier as they get older. My answer was simple. I told her that, last weekend, my mother (79 years old ) accused me of being defiant and difficult to handle. I am 56 years old. So it does not get any easier. Continue reading

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