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Nuclear Battery Math

My sons always tease me about my interest in space. In order to understand my interest in space, you need to understand what it was like being a boy during the 1960s. I had my own October Sky boyhood. I built rockets, read everything I could about space, built electronic circuits, and dreamt of someday being an engineer and space traveler. While the space traveler part didn't work out, I was fortunate in that I did everything else that I dreamt about it. I have met numerous engineers who are now in their 50s who had the same experiences. Continue reading

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Battery State of Charge

Introduction Nearly all of our products are sold with an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) because customers need phone service for emergency voice calls, which we refer to as "lifeline service". Batteries are used for energy storage in all of our … Continue reading

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Thermal Runaway Model of Lead-Acid Battery (Part 2)

Derivation of the Output Power Equation The output power equation (Equation 3) is really a restatement of Newton's law of cooling. Equation 3 states the battery's steady-state power dissipation is a linear function of the battery's temperature and the ambient … Continue reading

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Thermal Runaway Model of a Lead-Acid Battery (Part 1)

Introduction Very nearly every product we make ships with one or more lead-acid batteries. Since we have built hundreds of thousands of units, that is a lot of batteries. While most people encounter batteries everyday, few really understand the problems … Continue reading

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