The Passing of an Analog Electronics Giant

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Figure 1: Jim Williams, Analog Legend.

Figure 1: Jim Williams, Analog Legend. (Source)

I just saw the announcement that Jim Williams passed away. This guy was an inspiration to me. His apps work at National Semiconductor was a model for the industry. His articles in magazines like EDN provided real-world examples of elegant analog design techniques. His books, particularly Analog Circuit Design: Art, Science and Personalities, provided wonderful examples of problem solving. He will be missed.

I always smiled when I read his bio -- he had majored in psychology and did not have an engineering degree. I have worked with a number of self-taught engineers (Javi Sanchez is another). These folks are forces of nature. They are driven to design circuits.

One other thing -- photos of his desk always showed it to be messier than mine. That somehow always made me feel better about the clutter that I seem unable to avoid.

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