More Interview Criteria and A Funny Story

I read a management forum on LinkedIn that I like. The following exchange was on the forum yesterday that made me smile. Two people were discussing how to evaluate an interviewee.

Justin Hoffman • I use four simple guidelines (KSQB) Do they have the necessary industry "knowledge" to be successful. Do they have "skills" required for their role. Do they have the fundamental "qualities".

I can develop knowledge and skills over time but, I will never compromise on qualities. Qualities are many of the things noted above (integrity, leadership, drive, passion, honesty, etc.) I rank all candidates on a scale of 1-10. To this day I can go back and see a direct connection in candidates I have pushed or been pushed to hire that rank below an 8 on qualities. The net result is always the same...not good for either of us.

The last is a simple Y/N. Would I enjoy having a "beer" with this person after work. If I don't enjoy spending time with the people I work with then what's the point. I spend more time with my employees/co-workers than I do my own family. I better like them.

The response below is pretty funny. I have had the experience of finding a very qualified candidate that I would not necessarily want to spend a lot of hours with.

Dave Stevens • @ Justin, very good check list. I interviewed someone with an extensive and packed resume once, the font was below 6, but the sentence that stood out was her experience in the Alcohol Enforcement Patrol in law school, where she volunteered to snuff out all inappropriate drinking parties on their DRY campus. She was at the top of her class, a Jeopardy champion, and you could not touch her on accomplishments. But, the partners in this very large law firm thought she would conflict with our Friday scotch nights.

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