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Voyager 1 and Gliese 445

Introduction I was reading an article about the Voyager 1 space craft nearing the edge of interstellar space. This article was so interesting that I ended up reading a number of articles on the subject (one example) and they all … Continue reading

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Aiming Torpedoes from a PT Boat

I read quite a bit of World War 1 (WW1) and World War 2 (WW2) naval history. Recently, I have tried to specialize my readings on torpedo launch platforms. One area where I have never seen much information is on how torpedoes were used from PT boats during WW2. I am particularly interested in how torpedoes were aimed and launched. While doing some history-related searches on Youtube, I discovered this video that does an excellent job of showing how torpedoes were launched from PT boats. Continue reading

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Whale Math

Introduction A reader asked a question that I answered in a comment response, but others may be interested so I will include my response as a post. One of my most read blog posts is about the amount of vertical … Continue reading

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Balancing Leadership and Management

A major topic of discussion in management circles today is leadership. Many people struggle to draw a distinction between leadership and management. I heard another manager draw the following reasonable distinction between management and leadership. I am sure they go … Continue reading

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Power Supply Voltage Control Using Current DAC

Introduction In this post, I am analyzing the feedback circuit of power supply with an output voltage that is controlled using a current-output Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC). I analyzed a related situation (voltage DAC) in this earlier post. This exercise started … Continue reading

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Fireflies and Supernova

Introduction Scientists always face the problem of making their work accessible to the public. Accessibility is crucial to scientific research continuing to receive funding. Part of this accessibility is creating analogies that relate scientific data to aspects of everyday life. … Continue reading

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Too Many Definitions of Candle

I have been doing some reading about photometry lately and I noticed that the unit of lighting called the candle has had quite a history. I used to work for a metrology company and I have always been interested in … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Filtering of Sunlight

Introduction Today, I was asked a question about the amount of visible optical power that actually reaches the Earth's surface. I also need to compute the illuminance of this optical power, which tells me how bright this light appears. The … Continue reading

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A Tale of Modern Life

I have mentioned that I manage an engineering team that has multiple projects going on at any one time. I have a project going on in China at this moment that involves two engineers. One of the engineers told me … Continue reading

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