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Image of a Submarine At Periscope Depth

If you have ever wondered what a submarine looks like at periscope depth, here is a photo of the USS Key West (SSN-722). Source is the Wikipedia.

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My Favorite Animation Video

I love animation and I just stumbled upon an excerpt from a television show that I saw as a boy -- "An Adventure in Art." I found this video fascinating. As an added treat, one of the artists featured is … Continue reading

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Physical Interpretation of a Model Parameter

Introduction I frequently get very specific questions on my posts. Normally, I simply reply directly to the question. One recent question required an answer that I thought might be interesting to a broader audience. Background Here is the question that … Continue reading

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Measuring the Distance to the Moon and Photon Counting

Introduction While looking up some information on the Moon, I ran into an interesting set of web pages that describes an experiment to measure the distance to the Moon with centimeter-level accuracy. This experiment sends a stream of laser pulses … Continue reading

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Calculating the Number of Observable Life-Supporting Planets

Introduction I like thinking about the possibility of habitable exoplanets. There are many interesting questions that people can ask about exoplanets. Here are a few questions that are interesting to think about: How many intelligent civilizations are present in our … Continue reading

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Morning in Northern Minnesota

Fall is coming ... soon the leaves will start to change color. This is my favorite time of year here. The photographer is my neighbor, Joel Teigland.

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A Management Generation Gap

A management mentor of mine (let's call him Gary) contacted me the other day. This contact brought back many memories. Most of what I know about managing people I learned from him. Gary is near retirement now and he is … Continue reading

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