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My ANOVA and Gage R&R Self-Education

Quote of the Day Who are a little wise the best fools be. — John Donne Introduction I recently took an excellent class at called "Prediction & Tolerance Intervals, Measurement and Reliability" taught by Dr. Tom Ryan, a former … Continue reading

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The Behavior of People in Corporate Meetings

One of the engineer's in my group sent me this reference to a blog post on ten techniques that make you sound smart in a meeting. While this engineer did not name any names, I know several people that I regularly work with that use these methods. Continue reading

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Repairing My Electric Dryer and a Little Math

I came home the other night and my wife reported that our clothes dryer was not generating any heat for drying clothes. She called a repairman and he could not repair our dryer for a long time and was going to charge a lot of money (e.g. $90 for a heater coil that was $30 from Amazon). While I know NOTHING about clothes dryers, I decided to try to fix it myself. As with most of my repair adventures, I started with Youtube. After a couple of minutes, I found the following video where a repairman gave a great demonstration on how to change the heater coil (Whirlpool part number 3387747) in my clothes dryer. Continue reading

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Coaxial Cable Basics

I am preparing some customer education material on coaxial cables for customers (Figure 1 shows some coaxial cable examples) and I thought this information was worth documenting here. Our fiber optic products interface to coaxial cables so that service providers can use existing in-home wiring. Continue reading

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