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Good Use for Excel Textjoin Command

One common Excel task is tracking work hours. As a contractor, I encounter all sorts of approaches to recording work hours. One small company wants all of my hours captured in an Excel workbook that contains one worksheet per week. Every two weeks, an administrator goes in and captures the hours into another worksheet. Continue reading

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The Behavior of People in Corporate Meetings

One of the engineer's in my group sent me this reference to a blog post on ten techniques that make you sound smart in a meeting. While this engineer did not name any names, I know several people that I regularly work with that use these methods. Continue reading

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Phone Line Length Math

We make ONT products that provide telephone service in addition to data and video services. I was asked today what limits the length of a standard POTS phone line from an ONT. Most ONTs today are specified to drive a phone line less than 1000 feet long. As I started to write down my answer, I thought that this was a nice application of simple DC electronics and was worth documenting here. Continue reading

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Incredible Mechanical Music Player

Take a look at this digitally-created instrument and how it is being played.

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