Geometric Table

Nine tenths of education is encouragement.

— Anatole France

Figure 1: Geometric Table Design.

Figure 1: Interesting Geometric Table Design (Source).

I am always looking for interesting construction projects. I don't necessarily plan to build them for myself, but I do often turn to these project for inspiration. I usually store them on Pinterest.

I occasionally mention them here because they have a mathematical slant and the table shown in Figure 1 definitely has some interesting mathematical aspects. Figure 2 shows the design's layout on a beautiful piece of wood. Something tells me that piece of wood went to a bandsaw right after the layout was drawn.

The following quote from this article on the table describes some of its mathematical aspects.

This project is a great exercise in geometry. The top and shelf are based on an equilateral triangle with circles drawn at each of the three points. An ellipse then connects each of the circles, rounding the sides as they connect to the edge of each circle.

Figure 2: Table Layout on a Piece of Walnut.

Figure 2: Table Layout on a Piece of Walnut.

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