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Work Allocations Relative to the Ansoff Matrix

I am often asked to evaluate the focus of my team's efforts relative to company's priorities. There are different ways of expressing these priorities – one common approach is to look at how your group resources are allocated relative to the Ansoff matrix (Figure 1). Continue reading

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A Mathcad Utility Function for Air Pressure and Density

I have some work to do that requires a model for air density as a function of altitude, temperature, and pressure. As usual, I will turn to the Wikipedia to provide me a working model. I will then check the results of my model against results published by other sources. Continue reading

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A Most Unlucky Man

I watched an interesting video about the survivors of Hiroshima on CSPAN this weekend. While the main topic of the video was interesting, I was surprised to learn that there were a number of Americans POWs that were present at Hiroshima and died. They also mentioned an American POW that was near Nagasaki when it was bombed named Joe Kieyoomi. Joe, a Navajo soldier, has a war story that is almost unbelievable. Continue reading

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Continue To Be Vigilant For Lead Exposure In Children

Last week, I had a conversation with a coworker about a mystery that he just recently solved that I feel is worth sharing here. He has a small daughter who recently was found to have high lead levels in her blood. As any good father would do, he tried to find the source of lead in his home. His home is new, so there is no lead paint in it. They tested everything that their daughter drank or ate, and they found no lead in anything – yet her blood's high lead level persisted. Continue reading

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Propane Tank Math

I have used propane for years with my barbecue grill, but I have never used it for heating a space. While at university many decades ago, I worked in construction, and we used propane heaters to make working in partially-completed homes more comfortable in the winter. I went to Home Depot and purchased the propane heater shown in Figure 1. It is rated to put out 30K to 40K BTU/hr. This should provide enough heat to warm my garage so I can work in it comfortably. I like the fact that it is small, and I can easily store it during the summer. I have too much stuff to manage as it is, and I do not need any more big stuff. Continue reading

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