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My family’s root trace very recently back to farming. My brother is a farmer and my father was a farmer for much of his life. All the previous generations were farmers as well. The first engineering applications I ever saw were on the farm.

US Dairy Industry Stats

Early in my life, I spent quite a bit of time around cows on small farms with about 160 to 200 acres of land, and 40 to 50 cows. I never saw a corporate farm. Three years ago, I spent quite a bit of time in Iowa working on a number of fiber optic deployments in rural areas populated with a large number of dairy operations. While performing fiber installation inspections, I noticed that many of the old farmhouses were occupied by renters and the land was being farmed by corporations. As I looked around both Iowa and Minnesota, I realized that the number of dairy farms is dropping fast (Figure 1).  Continue reading

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Winery Tour – Domaine Carneros

I like to collect vineyard trivia while on these tours and this trip was no exception. Since I do not drink, my interests tend to focus on the farming aspects of the operations. I have discussed winery trivia before in this post. All photos in this post were taken by me. Continue reading

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Old Farmer Science - Hay Fires

Introduction Yesterday, my wife and I went to dinner with a couple that are our neighbors. During our dinner conversation, my neighbor's wife mentioned that she had been listening to radio and had heard a story about a local barn … Continue reading

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