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Fact Checking Power Over Ethernet Marketing Math

I was reading a blog by a cable manufacturer (Belden) this morning on the advantages of using Cat 6 cable over Cat 5e for network installations going forward (Figure 1 shows a great example of network cabling). Normally, I see the cable manufacturers recommending Cat 6 to customers because it will allow them to upgrade to 10 Gbps Ethernet, at least for runs less than 55 meters long. Continue reading

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Good Analogy for A VPN

My oldest son is an IT engineer and I find his work very interesting. So that we have more things to talk about, I am trying to become more knowledgeable about IT matters. This means I try try read various blogs about IT topics.

Today, I was reading the Kaspersky blog, and they had a great analogy for a Virtual Private Network (VPN). They said that the WW2 use of Navajo code talkers is analogous to a modern VPN. Continue reading

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A Little Queueing Math

Introduction Queues arise naturally in many circumstances and networking products are no exception. We use queues for many tasks in our networking products and this post discusses our need to store packets while we wait to be granted access to … Continue reading

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