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My Star Trek TOS Database

The people on my team frequently chide me for using management analogies drawn from the original Star Trek television series, which fans refer to as Star Trek TOS. Because of these analogies, I need to provide exact references for the younger folks on our team who have not memorized every episode. I decided that it was time for me to put together an online list that I could search and sort as the need arises. I grabbed the data from the Internet Movie Database (IMBD), including their overall reviews of each episode. Continue reading

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Tribble Math

Over the 2016 New Year's holiday, a number of television stations were showing the remastered original Star Trek episodes. While you generally do not hear much math in a Star Trek episode, the "Trouble with Tribbles" actually had two statements to which a bit math can be applied. You can search around the Internet and find solutions for one of the statements, but I wanted to work through the math myself. It is interesting that a script writer must have actually worked through the details during time before calculators. Continue reading

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