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Figure 1: Kevin Kling.

Figure 1: Kevin Kling.

My brother called the other night and said that he was going to attend a live show with Kevin Kling, a well-known comedian we grew up with in Osseo, Minnesota. In my youth, Osseo was a small agricultural community on the outskirts of Minneapolis. Growing up in a small town like Osseo was a lot of fun -- we always compared it to Mayberry on the "The Andy Griffith Show." Osseo may be only 0.75 square miles in area, but it would be hard to imagine a place with more interesting people per square foot. I could tell many stories about life there, however, a math blog is not the appropriate place.

If you want to have an enjoyable time listening to reminiscences, I highly recommend that you listen to Kevin Kling and his stories. He has made his living telling stories about growing up during the 1960s in Osseo area. I laugh just thinking about that time. I remember sitting in class with him and listening to his stories -- and now the entire country gets to hear them! I know every person that he is talking about and his description of them is spot on. His stories range from his first love (Judy Martinez, who lived just a few blocks away from me) to his description of watching the "smutty movies" at the Starlight Drive-in Theater from outside the beat-up wooden fence (e.g. Seventeen and Anxious). Those movies were terrible ...

If you want a quick introduction to Kevin, he was interviewed on the radio program "Speaking of Faith" and it is a worthwhile listen.

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