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Wasted School Time

Quote of the Day Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself. - Potter Stewart Introduction I frequently talk to young engineers who have just completed university. I am always curious as to what they studied in school. I … Continue reading

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The Drinking History of the US

I have been reading "A Wicked War: Polk, Clay, Lincoln and the 1846 U.S. Invasion of Mexico" and I notice a common theme with other history books about the early US --drinking alcohol was a major preoccupation with early Americans. … Continue reading

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Epidemiology and Cell Towers

Introduction I received a phone call from a cancer epidemiologist last Friday. He had received my name from a co-worker in his department who knows me. This researcher is in the process of researching a cancer cluster near a cell … Continue reading

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Hometown Humor

My brother called the other night and said that he was going to attend a live show with Kevin Kling, a well-known comedian we grew up with in Osseo, Minnesota. In my youth, Osseo was a small agricultural community on … Continue reading

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Fond Memories of Fast-Moving Milk Bottles and Toy Boats

Last night on "How It's Made" they were showing machines filling bottles with a beverage. This show stimulated my memories from first-grade when I was shown a 16mm movie about how milk came to our door every morning. I still can remember almost every detail of this movie. The story started with a cow eating grass and ended with a bottle of milk on a kitchen table. What really caught my eye was the filling of the milk bottles by machines. It seemed like magic the way the bottles were put into a fast-moving row, filled while moving in a circle, and then capped. Continue reading

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The Importance of Role Models

My story is about Frank Schiebe, the university professor of engineering. Frank died a couple of year ago and his high school recently posthumously gave him their 2010 Distinguished Alumni Award. I happened to be flipping through the local television channels recently when I saw that the local educational channel was playing a ceremony honoring Frank's life. Boy did that story bring back memories … Continue reading

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