A Tale of Getting Older

I was with a couple I have known for years this weekend. They have two daughters separated in age by five years. The younger daughter is just finishing high school and still lives at home. The older daughter is no longer living at home, but was visiting her parents this weekend. The tale begins with the daughters in the kitchen hearing their parents having the following dysfunctional discussion.

Father from the kitchen:  ”I can’t find my glasses – do you know where my glasses are?”

Mother from upstairs: ”Molasses? It’s in the cupboard.”

Father from kitchen: ”Not molasses, glasses ..”

The mother and father went back and forth like this for a while. It was a classic case of two people not quite hearing things correctly. The two young women listened quietly to this miss-communication. After the mom and dad got things straightened out, the younger daughter turned to her older sister and said, “At least you had them during their good years.”

Her response was priceless.

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