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Ice Fishing Season is Now Over

Every night I walk around a lake by my house, which is still mainly frozen. The weather is warmer now, but you can still see some signs of the ice fishing that went on this winter. Yesterday afternoon, I chuckled … Continue reading

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A Tale of Getting Older

I was with a couple I have known for years this weekend. They have two daughters separated in age by five years. The younger daughter is just finishing high school and still lives at home. The older daughter is no … Continue reading

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Mothers and Sons

I had to laugh yesterday. We live next to a mom with two boys -- a 4-year old and a newborn. As I went out for my nightly walk, this rather haggard-looking mom told me that her 4-year boy is defiant and difficult to handle. She knows that my wife and I raised two sons, so she asked me if it gets any easier as they get older. My answer was simple. I told her that, last weekend, my mother (79 years old ) accused me of being defiant and difficult to handle. I am 56 years old. So it does not get any easier. Continue reading

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TSA Has No Sense of Humor

I was having a discussion with some other engineering managers when I heard the following travel horror story. Engineering managers are always talking about Bills of Materials (BOMs), which we pronounce as "bombs". An engineer was on his phone at an airport and was discussing part problems with a contract manufacturer. He used the term "bomb" many times during that conversation. Another passenger heard his use of the term "bomb" and turned him in to TSA, who promptly apprehended him. He then spent the next several hours explaining to the nice TSA people what a bill of materials is. While the TSA folks were very nice, he did miss his plane and got to spend an enjoyable evening in Little Rock, Arkansas. Did you know many things there are named after Bill and Hillary Clinton? This engineer got to visit a number of these places. Continue reading

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Engineer Humor (yes, they do have a sense of humor)

Introduction Engineers can be hilarious – albeit a bit dry and cynical. Engineers are problem-solvers by nature. Much of their humor involves problem solving. Here are a few things that came up this morning that I thought would be worthwhile … Continue reading

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