This Idea Solves a Life-Long Problem

Quote of the Day

Beware the fury of the patient man.
— John Dryden

I cannot tell you how often in 35 years of marriage I have come home to the open-ended question from my wife "Do you like it?", without "it" being defined. I then spend the next 10 uncomfortable minutes trying to figure out what aspect of my wife's appearance has changed. I admit that I simply do not notice things like haircuts, changes in hair color, new clothes, etc. I am so bad that I have even failed to notice a complete change of hair color (blonde to brunette).

I saw the following absolutely brilliant post on Reddit this morning.

I know a guy who has a standing $10 tip with his wife's hair dresser. He gets a call each time his wife gets her hair cut with a brief description of what was done. Wife walks in the door, he says "Honey, did you get your hair done? It's a bit shorter and looks great!" Winners all around.

I know my wife's hairdresser (good friend of both of us) and I think I can make this work. It may not solve all my issues with noticing things, but it will solve the hair part.

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