Optical SFP Power Estimation Using Curve Fitting

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Figure 1: Curve Fit SFP Power Data.Figure 1: Curve Fit SFP Power Data.

Figure 1: Curve Fit SFP Power Data.

I was asked today how to use Excel to estimate the power usage of two optical components at case temperatures for which we had no data. I initially solved the problem in Mathcad by fitting an equation of the form c_0 \cdot e^{c_1 \cdot T_{Case}}+e_2 to the data and computing the corresponding power.

Since most of the engineers where I work do not use Mathcad, I was asked if I could demonstrate how to get the same answer using Excel. On the assumption that some of you may have similar problems, I have included my SFP_Power spreadsheet here that solves the problem using Solver, an Excel add-in. No macros were required to solve this problem.

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