Tree Felling Miracle

Quote of the Day

Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.

— Hemingway. I also have much anecdotal evidence for the truth of this statement.

I have seen a number of people fell trees onto homes and cars. Here is one case where two good-ol’ boys dropped one  successfully.

Figure 2: Incredible Skill/Luck in Dropping This Tree Exactly Where it Needed to Go.

One of the engineers on my team sent me this. She was amazed that they were able to pull this off.

A former neighbor of mine once dropped a tree onto another neighbor’s house. He carefully tied off the tree to a car bumper using an inadequate rope to keep the tree from falling onto the neighbor’s house. He then proceeded to cut the tree on the wrong side. Of course, the tree started to fall in the wrong direction and the rope gave way. All you could do is stand there and watch in stunned disbelief.

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