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A Funny Stock Photo Error

We have been laughing at some stock photos of people soldering. An engineer was looking for a stock photo of a person soldering, so she went out to Shutterstock to find something. The first photo she found was Figure 1, which she immediately passed around to the group. It turns out that she found a number of photos that were equally bad. Apparently, a lot of people have never soldered. I was raised with a soldering iron in my hand, so I was a bit stunned to see this. Continue reading

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A Math Error I Wish Were True

Quote of the Day Because Bushwacker, PBR Bucking Bull just isn’t his spirit animal. His spirit animal is more of that of a millennial who works at his dad’s law office after graduating with a bachelor of business in 6 … Continue reading

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Futurama Quote on Largest Buggalo Ranch on Mars

I am a big fan of Futurama – its going off the air was as disappointing for me as discovering Firefly a few years ago and having only 14 episodes to watch. I love the fact Futurama often includes small bits of real math and science in its scripts. My all time favorite piece of math includes a blackboard showing an actual proof using group theory by Sweet Clyde in the episode “The Prisoner of Brenda.” Continue reading

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Engineers Say the Darndest Things

When the humor comes from engineers, it is usually pretty dry. In our office, we keep a whiteboard that is filled with some of the choicest quotes from engineers. I thought I would share a few of them with you. In general, engineers do not want to see their names on the whiteboard because some of the statements are pretty lame. Continue reading

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Christmas Lights in Minnesota

While I do not, many people in Minnesota spend much time and money on decorating their homes in lights for Christmas. Some people think it has all gotten out of hand. Here is a home in my neighborhood where one neighbor just gave up because of the incredible effort on the home next to him. Continue reading

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Tree Felling Miracle

I have seen a number of people fell trees onto homes and cars. Here is one case where two good-ol’ boys dropped one successfully. Continue reading

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Educating Children Is Expensive, But Ignorance Costs More

Paying school bills is certainly not the only expensive item for parents. I often tell people that the most expensive movie I ever took my sons to was The Mighty Ducks – it cost me about $5k per year for a number of years. This was roughly the cost back in the 1990s of having two kids in traveling hockey. After my sons saw that movie, they were determined to become hockey players. Continue reading

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Admiral Ackbar for President

It seems like the presidential selection process has gone on forever, and we still have months to go before it is over. To show my unhappiness about the whole process, I have hung an election poster for Admiral Ackbar outside of my cube. His one word slogan is a simple one – “Trap”. I have always thought it was telling that the admiral leading the rebel alliance was the last one to know that he had led his troops into a trap. Continue reading

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Deer Crossing Signs Are for People, Not Deer

My sister sent me this link about a phone call to a radio call-in show. The woman on the call does not realize that deer crossing signs are warnings for people and are not instructions for deer. You might think this is a joke, but I have heard real people having this discussion. Continue reading

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Building an MST3K Tom Servo Replica

In this post, I will provide some photographs I took during our Tom Servo build effort. These photographs do not constitute detailed instructions on how to build the unit, but you will see the general idea. Continue reading

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