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Estimated Range Between Radios Based on RSSI

I recently have been working on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) systems and estimating the distance between two devices based on the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) value is one of my tasks. There are all sorts of uses for this distance information in wireless systems. Continue reading

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Effect of Centrifugal Force on Weight

I love to read Quora, and I often see interesting factoids there that I inspire me to put pencil to paper and verify them. This week, I read a response to the question "What does the pilot of a supersonic fighter feel when flying at Mach 3 at 40,000 feet?" I found one of the answers particularly interesting because of how the respondent generalized the question to make it more interesting. I love when people take a basic question and turn it into a more interesting question. Continue reading

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