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Churchill's Plea for Brevity

I am stunned at the length of the product specifications I have to deal with today. Not many years ago, a laser driver specification might have 20 pages of text. Today, it is not unknown for a laser driver specification to go on for hundreds of pages. I really wish documents were shorter. I actually believe that the word processor has enabled people to write more with way too much ease. Continue reading

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Engineering Documents Should Not Be Like Snowflakes

I had dinner the other night with a networking engineer who works as a contractor. He is known as a person who writes well, and he is finding that many of the companies that he works for are asking him to determine how their networks operate and to write down what he discovers. Continue reading

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Standards of Readability

Quote of the Day Do not forget what is being a sailor when you become a captain. — African proverb I had a discussion with one of my engineers this morning about documentation and our company's standard of readability. When … Continue reading

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Lunch Time Math

I received a comment the other day in reference to a previous blog post on World War II torpedoes and submarines. I was asked if I could go into more detail about how the fire control problem was solved. I … Continue reading

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Similarity Between Writing and Designing

I have always been interested in the actual process of design and its similarity to other tasks. I was reading an interesting blog post this morning on the process of writing. Continue reading

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