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The Difficulties Posed By Communications

My company currently has engineering work occurring at a number of sites that are widely separated geographically. Trying to coordinate these sites is definitely a challenge. However, this really is nothing new. When I was at HP, my first manager used to say that "Engineering communication reduces by 10 dB per foot." Continue reading

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The Law of Employee Retention

I was just interviewing a large number of people as part of an acquisition. After the interviews were done, the interviewers all went out to dinner and discussed the day's events. While at dinner, the topic of employee retention came … Continue reading

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Similarity Between Writing and Designing

I have always been interested in the actual process of design and its similarity to other tasks. I was reading an interesting blog post this morning on the process of writing. Continue reading

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Personality Characteristics of a Great Engineering Hire

Quote of the Day Acting was fun, but my grandfather would always tell me, "It's never too late to be an engineer." You were supposed to get a "job" and do acting on weekends or at school. — Jon Hamm … Continue reading

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