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Volcano Math

I was listening to Planetary Radio the other night and they had an interesting interview with Rosaly Lopes, a researcher at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory who has discovered more volcanoes than anyone else. Her discoveries were of volcanoes on other … Continue reading

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Handling "Hot" Electronics Requires Gloves

I have had a number of equipment installers contact me this summer and express concerns about the temperature of the outdoor electronics that they are handling. In some cases, the electronics is too hot to hold. In every case, the … Continue reading

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Beamforming Math

Quote of the Day A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. — Michael LeBoeuf, writer and management professor. Introduction I was at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week and spent a lot of time talking to … Continue reading

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Potentiometer Math

Introduction I have an application where a potentiometer may be useful. In fact, it would be useful if the potentiometer had a logarithmic resistance characteristic, which is also called an audio taper for reasons that I will cover later. I … Continue reading

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Another Interview Question

Besides me, there is one other engineer in my group that used to work for Hewlett-Packard back in the old days. One day we decided to compare notes on the crazy interview questions that we were asked all those many … Continue reading

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The Capacitor Puzzle That Got Me My First Job

In the spring of 1979, I was a soon-to-be-graduated electrical engineer that needed a job. As with other young engineers, I started to look for work during my last semester of school and I got a few nibbles. The most … Continue reading

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