A Lone Engineer in a Marketing Meeting

Quote of the Day

Listening to NPR is like listening to your mother telling you to clean your room.

— Julia Sweeney

My staff is passing this video link around that illustrates what it is like being the lone engineer in marketing meeting. There is quite a bit of truth here.

I cannot tell you how often I have been told that I do not understand the "big" picture. In one case, I was informed that my "reality-based thinking" was limiting me. The comment to the engineer about his limitations because he is specialist in narrow area really hit home.

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2 Responses to A Lone Engineer in a Marketing Meeting

  1. I sent this to my wife and father to get an idea what I deal with for every project kickoff.

    • mathscinotes says:

      Meetings like this are way too common. I think a dose of reality would help. If the Marketing folks had to actually build something once -- maybe that would help.

      The video script was written in Russia, so this behavior is not just limited to America. I have come to believe that meetings like this are just part of how humans work together. I am sure the folks building the pyramids had similar meetings. And in those meetings was an engineer who wished that the Pharaoh's aides had spent some time cutting rock.


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