Ice Fishing Season is Now Over

Every night I walk around a lake by my house, which is still mainly frozen. The weather is warmer now, but you can still see some signs of the ice fishing that went on this winter. Yesterday afternoon, I chuckled when I noticed a couple of lounge chairs on the frozen lake by my house (Figure 1). The idea of lounge chairs on a frozen lake strikes me as funny. Anyway, the ice fisherman had left their chairs by their fishing hole for the last few weeks. Unfortunately, the shore ice has started to melt and now they cannot get out onto the ice to recover them. I guess they will need to wait for the ice to completely melt and then try to recover their chairs from the lake bottom.

Figure 1: Lounge Chairs on a Frozen Lake.

Figure 1: Lounge Chairs on a Frozen Lake.

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2 Responses to Ice Fishing Season is Now Over

  1. dab says:

    The Boy Scout units in our area do an annual clean up on a local lake after the ice houses are (supposed to be) off the ice. The idea is get all the junk left behind before the ice melts and it falls into the lake. This year we collected about 1800 pounds of trash. Is it so hard for people to clean up after themselves and not leave this stuff to pollute our lakes?

    • mathscinotes says:

      Hi Dave,

      Long time no see -- or hear.

      Sigh ... I have to clean up after the ice fisherman at my cabin every year. From their leavings, you would swear they must spend most of their fishing time drinking. I stepped on a whiskey bottle a few years ago that resulted in a rather nasty cut. So I now carefully rake the area where they ice fish -- I could not stomach a child hurting themselves in that area.



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