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Taper Measurement Using Gage Balls

This was the first time I have seen an application for gage balls and I thought it was worth documenting here. I will derive a formula that I saw in the discussion mentioned above for determining the taper of a hole by determining the depth that two different diameter balls will drop into the hole. Continue reading

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Woodworking and Determining the Radius of a Circle

I was just at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion (Figure 1), which is celebration of old-school steam technology. As always, it was a great show. The name of the reunion is a bit of a misnomer in that the show includes all forms of steam-driven gear, including the belt-driven accessories. I recall much of this gear from my youth working on farms − everything on the farm was powered from a belt connected to the Power Take-Off (PTO) of a tractor. Continue reading

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Calibrating My Chop Saw to Make a Perpendicular Cut Using a Bit of Geometry

I have a similar saw (12 inch version) and I am very happy with mine. I thought for a moment and asked my co-worker "Have you calibrated your saw?" He told me no and he did not know it could be calibrated. Time for a little geometry -- construction always presents me with the best classical geometry exercises. Continue reading

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Interesting Folding Bed

I am an amateur woodworker and I find clever, geometric constructions in wood very interesting. Here is an interesting collapsible bed design. Check out their web page. Continue reading

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Engineering Origami

I have always been a big fan of origami -- especially rigid origami. I saw two articles in the engineering press that are definitely worth taking a look at. Continue reading

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Bisecting an Outside Wall Corner Angle

I have just returned from putting up crown molding at brother's house. It is always fun working with my brothers. In many ways, we are little different today than we were 40 years ago. During this task, I encountered a wall corner that was not square. Let's talk about how you can measure and bisect this angle. You need to bisect the angle when you want to cut the molding to fit around the corner (Figure 1). Continue reading

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