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ITU 100 GHz Frequency Grid Math

A physicist in my group and I were having a discussion about how the wavelengths (i.e. colors) for lasers are specified by an international standard and I thought this discussion would provide a nice example of a differential approximation. The widespread deployment of fiber optic cable (see Figure 1, Wikipedia) is a game changer for networking and may be our most important new infrastructure -- remember that high-speed wireless depends on cell towers interconnected with fiber optic cables. Continue reading

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555 Timer Math

Quote of the Day With hard work, difficult material can be grasped. Step by step, incrementally, the novice can become the master. — Joshua Waitzkin. World Tai Chi champion and subject of the book 'Searching for Bobby Fischer'. He is … Continue reading

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A Lone Engineer in a Marketing Meeting

My staff is passing this video link around that illustrates what it is like being the lone engineer in marketing meeting. There is quite a bit of truth here. Continue reading

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Ice Fishing Season is Now Over

Every night I walk around a lake by my house, which is still mainly frozen. The weather is warmer now, but you can still see some signs of the ice fishing that went on this winter. Yesterday afternoon, I chuckled … Continue reading

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Inductive Car Sensor Math

Introduction Spring has come to Minnesota and I want to build an outdoor electronics project -- this is one of my favorite activities. I have decided to build a car sensor for my cabin in northern Minnesota. This car sensor … Continue reading

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