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Frogs Love Fiber Optics -- At Least in the Winter

I was doing some installation inspections when we disturbed the following creatures in two different fiber optic enclosures. Winter is coming and everyone wants to find a nice, warm place to wait it out. plains leopard frog tree frog  

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The Legend of the Management Cookies

I love having young engineers on my team. I also love cookies and we occasionally have cookies at some of our meetings – people might not attend otherwise, including me. However, our cookie selection is generally not particularly inspired. One … Continue reading

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A Lone Engineer in a Marketing Meeting

My staff is passing this video link around that illustrates what it is like being the lone engineer in marketing meeting. There is quite a bit of truth here. Continue reading

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Ice Fishing Season is Now Over

Every night I walk around a lake by my house, which is still mainly frozen. The weather is warmer now, but you can still see some signs of the ice fishing that went on this winter. Yesterday afternoon, I chuckled … Continue reading

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Mothers and Sons

I had to laugh yesterday. We live next to a mom with two boys -- a 4-year old and a newborn. As I went out for my nightly walk, this rather haggard-looking mom told me that her 4-year boy is defiant and difficult to handle. She knows that my wife and I raised two sons, so she asked me if it gets any easier as they get older. My answer was simple. I told her that, last weekend, my mother (79 years old ) accused me of being defiant and difficult to handle. I am 56 years old. So it does not get any easier. Continue reading

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